Song of the Week: Sanctuary

If you were to ask me at any point in time if I was a fan of 21st-century music, the general rule would be that I answer with a resounding “no.” I’m also not the kind of guy that incessantly listens to Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga or any of the other huge artists of today. For my music needs, I would usually turn to the likes of Queen, AC-DC, and Bon Jovi, just to name a few. If music were all you judged me by, you’d think I was a kid straight out of the 70’s.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t exceptions to this general rule. Utada Hikaru, a Japanese-American singer and songwriter, is one of those exceptions. Deemed “the most influential artist of the decade” in the late 2000s in Japanese music by The Japan Times, she has created some of the most successful albums in Japanese history.

What she is best known for is her contributions to the popular game series Kingdom Hearts, for which she has written the musical themes of all the titles in the series. Nowadays when people think of Utada, what immediately comes to mind are the songs she wrote specifically for the three main games, which include “Simple and Clean,” “Sanctuary,” and “Don’t Think Twice.”

Of the three songs in the series, “Sanctuary” really stood out to me, due to its mystical and hopeful feeling. It is really good at getting you pumped up, particularly during the bridge, which features a deep electric guitar sequence sounding like a buildup towards a climactic battle. “Sanctuary” is also incredibly well choreographed to the opening cutscene of Kingdom Hearts 2, which in itself is quite powerful and memorable, and sets the stage for the game to come (though I will not go into further detail because of spoilers).

To the fortune of all who love good music, “Sanctuary” is available on SoundCloud.

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