Song of the week: Honey


Released on Oct. 6, 2017, “Honey,” by Kehlani caught the attention of many.

Kehlani is an up-and-coming artist with her debut album, “SweetSexySavage” only released in January of last year. She often speaks about love and maneuvering relationships with her popular R&B songs.

In “Honey” though, Kehlani opts for a different love interest and sound.

Kehlani is an out and proud bi-sexual woman. Her previous songs were gender neutral, but this is the first song of her music career that specifically addresses women.

With “I like my girls just l like my honey; sweet, a little selfish, I like my women like I like my money; green, a little jealous,” and “all the pretty girls in this world but I’m in this space with you,” Kehlani creates the perfect love song.

The fire beats and R&B melodies are replaced with a simple acoustic guitar melody and raw, unprocessed and passionate vocals that control the song.

This results in an experience that makes the listener feel as if they just had a taste of liquid joy.

She concludes with a humbling message for all.

“Is it love all we need? Is it love? / The Beatles said prophecy, is it love? / Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti, is it love? / Love.”


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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons