Song of the Week: Stone

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Every single song that Jaymes Young makes is a stunning combination of emotional, heartbreaking lyrics and strong acoustic guitar. This fact was proven when he dropped his debut album in June called “Feel Something”. It was 100% the best album of 2017. Every track on the album deserves to be a song of the week, but “Stone” is the best of the best.

So many songs today are centered around sex or physical love, and songs about true, genuine love are hard to come by. Finding one that is as good as “Stone” is almost impossible. “Stone” is a tear-jerking, sentimental ballad about staying with someone and being their support system.

“Stone” opens with a heartbreaking verse on how terrible someone’s life has been. Young then devotes himself to never leaving, no matter how bad it gets, in an incredibly personal moment. The song is the kind of song that wraps you up in a blanket, tucks you in and reminds you it will always be here for you.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons