Song of the Week: Too Good at Goodbyes

He’s back!

After a two year hiatus, Sam Smith has blessed us once again with new music.

His newest single, Too Good at Goodbyes, has the same slow tempo and sad topic as much of his previous work.

Like many of his others, the song starts slow and calm and discusses a relationship gone sour.

This time, Smith is a little more experienced with heartbreak, and this is evident as the song picks up in tempo.

His lyrics, “Every time you hurt me the less that I cry and every time you leave me the quicker these tears dry and every time you walk out the less I love you. Baby we don’t stand a chance, it’s sad but it’s true,” show his growth as a lyricist and his willingness to find better relationships for himself.

The chorus picks up by adding in a choir so that he can truly bless our ears and a beat that is fast enough to nod your head to but not dance club worthy.

With “I’m way too good at goodbyes,” it’s clear that Smith no longer accepts bad relationships in his life and can move on more easily.

While the song is still sad, the song progresses and the listener soon feels less like sobbing and more like shaking off the haters.

This song is a classic Sam Smith song. With a combination of heartfelt lyrics, strong vocals and a steady beat, it’s the perfect remedy for a breakup.

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Listen to a sample of the song below.