Song of the Week: Perfect Darkness


A fink is often described as an unpleasant or contemptible person. In this case, the indie-rock artist, Fin Greenall, is the complete opposite. The British artist, known as Fink, produced the album, “Perfect Darkness,” in just 20 days, with the intention of producing an “organic sounding recording.” While the album took a team, Fink handled all the vocals, acoustic guitar and sound effects. With his first six and a half minute long track, “Perfect Darkness”, Fink pleases my ears. I’ve always loved songs that take me on journeys, and this song does just that.

The song slowly builds and builds, causing me to crave more and more. The song starts slow and repetitive with a recurring melody. It then adds a simple but strong beat, warm guitar and raspy and melodic vocals. By the end, a clash of strings comes forward with a powerful and fervent violin.

Fink’s layered voice is oh so silky and scratchy at the same time. With my headphones in on full blast, I feel like I am laying in a small boat in the middle of the ocean, without a care in the world, with only the mesmerizing music to keep me company.
The music is so mesmerizing, that I almost miss what is being said. Fink describes the album as “dark” but says that “you’ll survive and you’ll come out the other side.” While the message is a little woeful, I am put into such a tranquil state. It feels like an entire story is told in one song, and while this may seem overwhelming, I just feel at ease. Oh yes, “Perfect Darkness” illuminates the soul.

If you enjoyed this, please listen to the album version (not available on soundcloud). You won’t be disappointed!

Album Version

Photo Courtesy of Tommy Lance.

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