Song of the week: Under The Same Sun


British-born singer-songwriter Ben Howard, 29, self-released his first EP and has since released four more EPs and a full studio album.

Ella Burge

I feel wrong choosing just one of Ben Howard’s songs to showcase. They all deserve copious recognition and reverence, but for now I’ll just gush about “Under The Same Sun.”

I don’t care what type of music you’re into, you can’t disagree, Howard has an impeccable talent. This British gift to our ears is a musical genius. Example: not only does he flawlessly play guitar left handed, but he often dabbles with unique tunings and even partial capos (as seen in this song). If that’s just a bunch of words to you the bottom line is Ben Howard is a guitar-wielding angel you will soon be thanking for the incredible music he’s bestowed on your life.

Soapbox aside, “Under The Same Sun,” is the perfect example of Howard’s savvy guitar skills, namely in the way he lays his guitar on his lap and plays it percussively in a series of drumming patterns. If your instinct is to reminisce to “Bari Improv” from “August Rush,” don’t worry, we’re on the same page.

Add in Howard’s soft, yet powerful voice and enthralling lyrics, and, well, you’re in for a treat.

The song is more than just some Brit banging on a guitar, though. It’s insanely well produced and equally as mesmerizing. So sit back and let yourself indulge in the musical mastery for five minutes.

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