Song of the week: Juke Jam

It’s a wednesday night. The radio’s on and the windows are down. I skip through shuffle as I try to find the song- the song that will make everything dissolve. In those 3 and a half minutes, I need to forget. Then, I find it. All of the stress of the day melts away as I hear Chance the Rapper’s voice, winding through my stereo like silk. I’m put into a trance as the slow- paced, melodic harmonies flood into my subconscious. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you hear that song that somehow, despite all of your complexities, you relate? This is it. This is the song that hits you in the feels, and want a love like Chance describes.

As long as my windows are down and my mind is clouded, I’ll turn to Chance.

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons