A Love Letter to Who?

Ohio born rapper Trippie Redd is back with the third installment of his Love Letter to You series. The original Love Letter to You 3 was released earlier in the year, however, it was taken down, seemingly for no reason. Despite the recall of the project, the final product  seems to have been worth the wait. Fans and critics alike praised Love Letter to You 3 for its overall upstanding sound and melodic flow. Trippie delivers quality bars with substantial features. A Love Letter to You 3 debuted at No. 3 on the US Billboard 200 with 84,000 copies sold on its first week. It is Trippie’s second US top-10 album and was also the week’s most-streamed album. His tracks achieved 108.8 million on demand streams first week.

Love Letter to You 3 incorporated a lot of different elements of Trippie’s life and does an excellent job of blending tracks together with stellar musical composition. It is both an album that is an insight into Trippie’s personality and an album that shows how far he has come with his melodic talents. It is obvious Trippie and his team put emphasis on top notch production with big names such as 808-H, Honorable C.N.O.T.E and Diplo producing and mixing quality tracks. Trippie coupled high caliber production with a small but notable cast of features including Youngboy Never Broke Again, Tory Lanez and Juice World. Trippie fully embraces his musical diversity with a healthy blend of his emo rap and alternative rock tendencies that sprinkle his new project effectively. The experimental rapper has always expressed his obsession for music and places the honing of his craft to be priority in his life. This kind of solid effort shows in Love Letter to You 3 as he digs deep to express pure emotion while still conveying ample lyricism. Trippie often foregoes the heavy use of autotune on his tracks unlike many other artists currently in the game giving him a unique voice and raw sound.

Trippie gained high levels of media attention recently after his recent breakup with Instagram model Aylek$ and beef with rapper 6ix9ine that made huge waves throughout the hip hop community. These recent problems are heavily highlighted in Love Letter to You 3 as Trippie addresses them in the lyrics and themes of some of his tracks. It is notable that Trippie has a very impressive work ethic given that an earlier project LIFE’S A TRIP and Love Letter to You 3 were full length quality projects released a mere three months apart.

Trippie’s release of LIFE’S A TRIP earlier this year, the debut studio album for the up and coming rap star, debuted at No. 4 on the US Billboard 200 which included Trippie’s biggest hit yet “Dark Knight Dummo”. The platinum single featuring Travis Scott elevated Trippie to the musical level he is at now as he continues to balance his rocky personal life with his love and passion for music. A Love Letter to You 3 picks up where LIFE’S A TRIP left off with the radio banger and potentially top charting single “Topanga” that hits the ears of the audience hard with the gospel inspired instrumental and pitch shifted vocal samples captivating listeners instantly. The previous installment of this mixtape series, Love Letter to You 2 was trippie’s breakout project and this next chapter does an excellent job of continuing the series while improving on previous mistakes. Trippie’s voice on some of his other projects can be interpreted as very strained and uneasy as he struggles to secure some of his drastic vocal shifts but he improves on this in Love Letter to You 3. Overall, the persistent young rapper displays another solid project that nicely fulfills the third installment of his beloved Love Letter to You series that has something for every fan.