Second time is the charm

Society’s obsession with rap has taken the world by storm. It seems like practically every radio station and playlist is filled with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B. Rappers have gone from underground no names to worldwide superstars with million dollar record deals. One of the rap groups that seemed to appear out of nowhere and grasp the attention of mainstream media and fans,was Migos. Signed to Quality Control Music in 2017, the rap group has been on their nonstop grind since. It’s impossible not to acknowledge everything Migos has done for the rap genre, with everybody and their mother wanting a piece of the Migos mania.

The Atlanta rap group released their project, Culture II, on January 26th. It is their third studio album and was one of the most anticipated projects of the year. Most of the attention is centered around Culture’s release on January 27th, 2017. Culture was the trio’s best album at the time and its arrival proved to be merely the crest of the monster wave in which the Migos would ride through the hip hop world.  This hip hop royalty status came with Met Gala aperencieces, Snapchat promos, an international tour and million dollar endorsements.

No one could ever accuse Migos of being hesitant with expressing their talents. Culture II clocks in at a hulking 24 tracks, spread over 106 minutes. The trio were recently hailed by Rolling Stone as “shapers of the culture … the most influential group of any genre of the last few years.”There is no denying their influence over the current music scene. What makes Culture II so exceptional is the true gift of the Migos, which is their ability to create new sounds without sacrificing their authenticity. Aided by other projects throughout the year, the Migos have achieved the very difficult task of entering the mainstream music scene without going pop.

With high caliber producers such as Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Honorable Cnote and Pharrell coupled with top notch features from the likes of 21 savage, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Post Malone, Drake and the veteran Atlanta rapper Gucci mane, Culture II proves just how influential the Migos are. Most of the album has a combative and aggressive tone similar to the general groove in Culture.

As the album picks up speed, something surprising happens. Almost halfway into the album’s tracklist, the Migos switch it up with the song “Gang Gang.” The song starts with the feeling of fog lifting as a club like bass line bounces along more perkily than anything before it. As the song continues a sample of a woman’s voice quivers like a trap-house flute. This is a  example of a track on this album that sets the Migos apart from the rest of the pack, due to its special color and flavor that breaks boundaries while maintaining the spirit of the Migo sound intact.

One of the most slept on tracks in their Culture II album has to be “Open it up.” This song stands out above the rest with its sinister rhythmic organ chords giving the song a spine-chilling phantom of the opera trap remix feel. This particular song is the most musically sophisticated and its beat has the most cultivated style. The lyrics are very similar to most of the other tracks on the album but its vibe is completely remarkable in the sheer musicality and arrangement. Culture II ultimately sounds more like a celebratory howl from the mountaintop than a plain and boring inventory dump. With its daunting amount of tracks, the Migos show they have nothing to hide and they can do so much more than just make a good beat.