Halsey blows Infinite Energy Center crowd away

The fog started to roll onto the stage, the curtains opened slowly and the lights dimmed. A soft beat of music played on the speakers which progressively grew louder until Halsey emerged on the stage in stilettos and a bodysuit.

The audience screamed “I don’t wanna fight right now” the beginning of her hit song Now or Never on her 2017 album Hopeless Fountain. Halsey danced on stage in front of flashing graphics on the screen. She stunned the crowd with her confidence and magnificent voice.

When Halsey’s song Eyes Closed blasted through the stadium, she ran through the middle of the audience. Being only 20 feet away from her made the performance so powerful. She was on the second stage where water started pouring. Halsey and her background dancers with glitter masks moved synchronized to the rhythm of the water.

The mood of the concert changed when Ghost played, a song that brought nostalgia and a glance back to the past for her fans, since the release of her old album Badlands in 2015. Almost immediately the stadium was filled with swaying sparks of white light from the thousands of phones. Her music moved the crowd with its deep lyrics talking about heartfelt topics like LGBT, depression, homelessness, heartbreak and problematic childhood.

Gasoline is one of the audience’s favorites with the message that humans aren’t always what they say they are. This relates to me personally because there are many fake people who pretend to be people they are not.

Halsey has released 3 albums; Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Badlands, and Room 93

Halsey is one of the best artists in the present day, her music has stayed true to itself and she doesn’t change just to fit the pop culture. Her lyrics are so unique relating to her personal experiences. Halsey’s concert was absolutely amazing. The stage, graphics, lighting, dancing and costumes were stunning. It was a breathtaking concert and her singing was perfect as usual. This concert was one in a lifetime and it was unforgettable.

Photos courtesy of Creative Commons licensed under CC 2.0.