Twice the strange (beware the spoilers)

Breaking down Stranger Things season two

Disclaimer: Eleven will not be referred to as Jane in this review. That just doesn’t sound right.

The spooky, suspenseful 80s themed show is back, and it starts off with a surprise.

Sean Astin, now 46, was only 14 years old when he played the iconic role of Mikey in 1985’s “The Goonies.”

Instead of finding out the important things like whether or not Eleven is still alive or what is going on with Will’s upside-down hallucinations, we are first introduced to Max (Sadie Sink), Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Bob Newby (Sean Astin).

The OG squad, minus Eleven, takes Max into their group in the first few episodes. Both Lucas and Dustin develop a perceived romantic connection with her, and Mike tries not to kill her after almost a year without seeing Eleven.

As Lucas pulls ahead in the race for Max’s heart, Dustin finds a new companion: Dart, a small but exponentially growing, alien, upside-down, frog, lizard thingy.

This small pet, along with its offspring, may someday attempt to kill all of Will’s friends, but that would be completely ridiculous and extra right?

Viewers that grew up with “The Goonies” were on the edge of their seats after constant and countless references to the 1985 classic.

With the addition of Astin, the directors were not shy about these references, even having Astin’s character say, “Yeah? What’s at the X? Pirate Treasure?” Yeah Astin, like you haven’t been down that road before.

Junior Hope Barrineau uses a cartoonish design to recreate her favorite Eleven look from this season.

Dustin and Dart have a very Chunk and Sloth-esque bond, both enjoying the nougat of 3 Musketeers as Chunk and Sloth did with Baby Ruth. The whole “Stranger Things” gang feels reminiscent of “The Goonies” boys, with Nancy and Steve acting out the roles of Andy and Brand.

The only flop of this season can be found in episode seven, “The Lost Sister.” This episode can be described as an interlude, but is confusing and unrelated to the plot of the whole season.  

Eleven’s new, mature look is the only thing that keeps viewers from ripping out their eyes as she struggles with “her sister’s” manipulative nature.

The characters presented in this episode are more similar to the characters of “Suicide Squad” than “The Goonies” and that’s just — please no.

Everything after this tragic attempt of an episode ties the whole season together though.

The season concludes with some #Justice4Barb, a popular twitter hashtag. The majority of the most well liked ships give the people what they wanted as the last episode closes out with the most adorable SnowBall Dance in the history of all middle school dances.

In general, the most emotionally driven characters of Eleven and Will (as played by Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp) were phenomenal along with the rest of the cast. The videography was more creative, and if seen in 4D, the audience would

Millie Bobby Brown (left) now shares the star girl role in the Stranger Things group with co-star Sadie Sink (right), who plays Max.

get dirt and monster guts sprayed on them like the camera was in intentionally framed shots.

The bond between the group is only getting stranger and stronger and viewers may just about die if October 2018 is the projected Stranger Things 3 date, but for this quirky crew, it’s worth it.


Illustration courtesy of Hope Barrineau, all other photos courtesy of Creative Commons.

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