Review: Ty Segall Releases New Self-Titled Album


Segall’s self titled album is his 9th studio album as a solo artist.

Katie Meyer

Ty Segall’s new self-titled album might just be his best one yet. The first song, “Break a Guitar,” starts the album off with a slight ‘70s hair band spin on Segall’s usual punk sound. Segall steps up his rowdy, wild tunes with some ACDC feels, and starts the album with a bang. “Break a Guitar” glides smoothly into the next two songs, titled “Freedom” and “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned).”  While they, at times, drag on a bit long, the execution of these two songs is quite clever. “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)” breaks the middle (of the ten plus minutes long song) up with a groovy guitar solo that keeps the song from being borderline tedious. “Talkin’,” the fourth track, is a jazzy, even early Grateful Dead-esque tune. This is a fairly unseen style in Segall, turning away from the garagey sound consistently found in his work, to embrace a newer, slightly calmer, style. The last three songs: “Orange Color Queen,” “Papers” and “Take Care (To Comb Your Hair)” all have a very ‘60s psychedelic vibe, which is an interesting choice to end the album. “Orange Color Queen” is a slow folky/psychedelic love song, a seemingly new style for Segall. Segall writes a beautiful acoustic tune about a lover moving across the world. “Papers” and “Take Care (To Comb Your Hair),” on the other hand, have more abstract messages carried in similar style tunes. Overall, “Ty Segall” is a genius compilation of Segall’s music styles, and stokes fans for what’s next.