Biographical series; the crown jewel of Netflix


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Grab your tea and crumpets everyone! Netflix has finally released their new series about Queen Elizabeth II.

Anglophiles are people who marvel at all things British. With the release of the new Netflix series “The Crown,” any anglophile will want to jump right in. After viewing the drama-packed trailer, anyone’s interest will have doubled. There was no lack of excitement for this series and viewers were ready to binge-watch it. The shows seems to live up to its expectations.

Though the hour-long episodes may be a time concern, after watching the first episode, viewers will instantly become hooked.

The shots are beautiful, and everything is exquisitely captured, pleasing the average viewer and professionals alike. Kudos to the cinematographers for their work.  

Despite its aesthetic mastery, the series is raising eyebrows as to whether or not it’s historically accurate. Many people have taken to the internet to discuss how accurate it really is. For example, the portrayal of Elizabeth’s husband, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, made him seem like a sarcastic jerk, which is probably is inaccurate.

Although concerns have been made, the series is phenomenal. It captures the time period beautifully through the clothes the characters wear. In addition, it tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II in way that makes people understand her struggles and makes her story engaging.