Cajun restaurant opens in Decatur



While Decatur has its fair share of pizza restaurants and Asian cuisine, one thing was missing from the city’s restaurant scene: good ol’ fashioned Cajun food. With a brother at Louisiana State University and an appetite for seafood, I appreciate a tasty jambalaya dish. When I noticed that Louisiana Bistreaux opened on Church Street, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

The purple and gold LSU paraphernalia and New Orleans street signs decorating the interior made the Louisiana vibe feel a little forced, but when the waiter brought out warm bread fresh out of the oven, I immediately forgave the contrived atmosphere.

I ordered a cup of gumbo and a shrimp po-boy, which came with homefries. The shrimp po-boy satisfied my seafood craving with crispy fried shrimp, and for a Cajun restaurant outside of Louisiana, it tasted surprisingly good. The potatoes were a little spicier than I expected but not unpleasantly so. The gumbo tasted authentic with flavorful sausage and rice, yet so spicy I needed a sip of water with every bite. The waiter assured us before ordering that if we didn’t like spicy food, they would be happy to accommodate us if we let them know beforehand. I was willing to take the risk, and although my eyes watered a bit, I never regretted the decision.

While the dessert menu was tempting with options from chocolate cake to pecan pie, all freshly made in the restaurant, the flavorful meal left me stuffed, so I decided to save the yummy-looking desserts for another day. Next time I’m craving Cajun food, I’ll pass on the seven hour drive to New Orleans and settle for the not quite authentic, but much more convenient, Louisiana Bistreaux.cajun-crawfish-etouffee-2