Drake releases album exclusively to iTunes

Luke Chandler

Drake’s newest album was originally teased and promoted as “Views from the 6”, a reference to his hometown of Toronto, but was later shortened to “Views”.

Musical superstar Drake’s newest album, entitled “Views”, released on April 29. The highly-anticipated record sold over 1 million and debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart, according to billboard.com.

Junior Olivia Brozek, a self-proclaimed Drake lover, is one of those 1 million people.

“I love Drake,” Brozek said. “He’s the perfect combination of sap and savage.”

As a loyal Drake fan, she enjoyed the Toronto rapper’s newest album, saying that “there’s a song for every mood,” and that “[Views] is super worth listening to.”

Many fans, however, are unable to listen to his album because it was initially an Apple exclusive, meaning prospective listeners were required to either purchase the album for $13.99 on iTunes or subscribe to Apple Music starting at $9.99 per month.

Sophomore Max Verlohr intentionally did not purchase “Views” because of exclusivity.

“No, I didn’t buy his album,” Verlohr said. “I’m not going to support someone who refuses to release his music to the masses. Isn’t that the point of making music? To share your work with the world?”

Verlohr, who has not purchased an album since Kanye West’s 2012 collaborative album “Cruel Summer”, believes that all artists should release their work to music streaming services such as Spotify.

“It’s not like the artists don’t make money from Spotify,” Verlohr said. “They still get paid and fans get to listen to their music for free but with ads. It’s a win for Spotify, a win for the artist, and a win for the consumer.”

Drake is not the only rapper to face controversy following the release of a hit album this year.

Kanye West was the center of criticism when his album “The Life of Pablo” initially released exclusively on Tidal, an audio streaming service owned and operated by Jay-Z. Since then, West has made TLOP available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube but has still not released on iTunes.

“I don’t think I would support [Drake] if he went with Tidal,” Brozek said. “I love him but wouldn’t subscribe to an app like that. I would do whatever I could to find or stream the music another way, and that’s where artists lose money.”

On May 6, “Views” became available for purchase on Google Play Music, opening the door to Android listeners. As of May 13, “Views” is still only available on Apple and Google Play.