Through the eye: Iridologist predicts what doctors can not


As Hannah read my eye, she scribbled notes onto a black and white print out of the Chart to Iridology. The marks located in the top left corner indicate the intensity of each characteristic identified in the iris. The shaded shape indicates a more profound strength or damage. The middle image represents a moderate problem and the bottom incomplete shape represents a problem in it’s beginning stages. As she read my eye, she wrote names of potential vitamins that could help and cure my medical needs. At the end of the reading, she took the list and conducted a muscle test.

The eyes are the windows of the soul” is something I truly believe after visiting Angela Hannah, an iridologist.

Iridology is  a medicinal practice that claims patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be used to determine information about a patient’s health.

The Herb Shop in Smyrna, Ga., co-owned by mother and daughter Pat Hampton and Angela (Angie) Hannah, offers therapeutic and alternative medicinal practices including their highly requested Iridology eye readings.

Unlike Ophthalmology which studies the anatomy of the eye,  iridology uses the markings in the iris to represent the integrity of the body, areas of congestion or blockage, and inherent challenges and gifts one could possess.

After a six month wait, I attended my first eye reading.

More nervous about what Hannah was able to tell from my eyes, I listened to Hannah rant about her beliefs. One being that the government is using tactics to hide important information and poison its citizens.

Hannah believes there is  no such thing as global warming.

“Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen what appears to be white and or gray trails which you think are left by typical commercial flights? Well, they’re really the government’s way of poisoning us.”

She also believes angels never die and their spirits continuously inhabit other life forms Examples of these angels, like Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, and Oprah can be seen in ancient Egyptian art.

I’m not sure what her notions had to do with my eye reading.

 After 30 minutes of this, Hannah began the reading, and she blew my mind.

Featured of is the Chart to Iridology labeling which part of the iris corresponds to each of the human body parts. Depending on the size shape, and location of the marks, and iridologist can infer different levels of infection, strengths or damage, deficiencies, and more.

She started by saying that depending on the shapes of the marks and their placement on my iris, she could tell me about that corresponding part of my body. The right eye shows information about the right side of the body and the left eye, the left side.

Looking into my right eye with a magnifying machine and light source, she concurred that I “have the knee of a 75-year-old woman.”

I laughed at first, more at the frantic jump and reaction of her findings but then the severity of her claim hit me.

This winter, I developed a pain in my right knee and sometimes I’d noticed swelling. I always simply iced it and took pain medicine to bring the swelling down assuming I sprained my knee. I run track year round.

I then came to the realization that the pain medicine only masked the pain  but never fully healed my knee.

According to Hannah, I have no fluid in between the joints in my knee causing my bones to rub against each other.

She told me I shouldn’t run for at least a year to regain the fluids in between my joints.

I was shocked when she noted this detail but I was even more surprised when she listed components of my left eye.

“Did you move around a lot when you were younger?” asked Hannah.

I said yes, remembering the massive numbers of full cardboard boxes and the overly boring task of unpacking.

“Well, I’m seeing that you were okay with those moves. However something happened around age seven or age eight that really took a toll on you,” Angie said.

In that moment, I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. My parents divorced that year which for someone who’s always lived with both of their parents was hard.

Hannah’s ability to identify such a life changing moment that strangers wouldn’t have known validated to me the legitimacy of her practice.
Would I go back? I would in a couple of years to check on the stability of my 75-year-old knee, the stress level of my life and other major components of my body revealed in my reading.