Two “Great” Movies to see on DVD

Joel Shimada

If you enjoy watching below average films here are two movies to consider. These are great if you want to point out plotholes with friends or laugh at bad acting.

Project Almanac

project almanacThis recent movie follows the story of a group of irresponsible teens who get their hands on a time machine that was left behind in a basement that has never been used apparently. The best part is that it takes place in Atlanta and one scene even includes a fake Decatur news website.

If you don’t want to believe that this movie took place in Atlanta don’t worry there are scenes that were shot at Music Midtown. Fortunately the director chose to have the film done as a found footage type of movie.

Found footage movies have a character hold a camera and move it around a lot so that you feel nauseous 15 minutes into the movie.  Anything important like how the time machine works or “hey isn’t that a paradox that should end the movie right now” get thrown out the window for maximum enjoyability.


Jupiter Ascending 

jupiter ascendingDon’t worry, you didn’t miss a big sci-fi epic that would make Interstellar look like a failure. While bonus points can be given towards visual effects everything else was missing details.

The story had some merit but of course the Wachowski brothers have struggled to make a movie since The Matrix.

While the story was great and definitely wasn’t missing anything important the acting really made the movie better.  All of the actors who worked so hard on this film should be very proud to have this on their resume.

By far the best acting was done by Eddie Redmayne who spoke mostly in a creepy whisper voice that occasionally turned into weird and awkward yelling.

Mila Kunis continues to demonstrate that she should exclusively be the voice of Meg from Family Guy.  Channing Tatum of course is Channing Tatum.

There isn’t much to say about him except that he had some great roller skating scenes in the sky. His roller skating skills also should have been the death of Kunis’s character multiple times but always remember that science exists when it wants to exist in movies.