Our Take

McKenzie Rhone and Maddie DePree

The Scribbler staff decided which trends should stick around and which should be ditched.



UN Women's HeForShe Campaign Special EventEmma Watson’s speech

The most well-spoken celebrity making a speech at the U.N. can’t be topped. Her ideas were sound, and her earnestness heightened her message. Check out Watson’s HeForShe campaign, a needed movement in bringing solidarity to the fight for gender equality.


Stretch chokers choker

This fad from the 90’s is finally making a comeback. Way to throw back to elementary school, a time when gauchos and light up tennis shoes rocked the hallways.

3tenRising attendance in student section

Game days are packed, not just with students, but also with spirit. Let’s keep it up because cheering with five other students is no way to rep school pride.






Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes jlaw

Leaking J-law’s nude photos was a blatant invasion of privacy. We applaud the dignity she upheld in handling the situation. Just because she is an actor doesn’t mean her personal body choices are our business.


eyebrow “On fleek”

Where did this word come from? Why can we only use it to talk about eyebrows? We’ll stick with “on point.”


Sam Pepper’s Youtube channel sam-pepper

Props for that strong hair game, but sexually harassing women in the streets and posting it on Youtube is not a “prank.” Grow up, homeboy.