“No Trump. No NRA. No fascist USA”

Protestors take action in response to NRA convention and President Trump's speech

May 18, 2017

On April 30, NRA and Trump protestors took a stand outside of the World Congress Center. The Rally was in response to the NRA convention and President Trump’s guest address. 
The protest began in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta. Groups of people gathered with signs displaying the stories of those that lost their lives to gun violence.

Two women, Joanne and Fran, held signs with the pictures of children. 

“We’re here protesting because of the victims,” they said. “We are against every last one of Trump’s policies. We refuse to normalize any of this.”
After hearing from gun violence survivors and once the chants of “the NRA can’t buy our vote” and “deny campus carry”, the crowd put down their signs and laid on the grassy lawn in silence. This act, said paid protestor Janelle Green, was to show solidarity for all those who have died because of lenient gun laws. 

A couple blocks over, a group of protestors led by RefuseFascism.org stood on the sidewalk across from the CNN center and World Congress Center, making their sentiments heard. One woman grabbed a megaphone and directed her voice toward the Congress Center where Trump was delivering his speech. 

“There is a man here that disrespects women, disrespects LGBT, disrespects immigrants, but does not disrespect rich white men. We have to say ‘no’ in the name of humanity,” she said. 

Liz, one of the site’s leaders, was proud of the showing.

“I don’t think fascist murders should be able to come to Atlanta with out a proper greeting,” she said in regards to the NRA members at the convention. 

*NRA Convention goers were unavailable for comment

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