A whirlwind romance I’m proud to call my own

A whirlwind romance I’m proud to call my own

Ever since I was younger, I knew I was a little different. Something about me just always stuck out and I never seemed able to stuff it back down.

At the start of junior year, my mom and I began touring colleges, and I soon noticed I would need a special college for my special self.

Middlebury was too small. Central Florida was too big. Soka was too sheltered. Johns Hopkins was too expensive. The University of Hawai’i was too far. And despite Harvard’s pleas for me to attend, it just didn’t feel right. The never ending abyss went on and on with each college that came across my Common Application profile.

I started to lose hope. It seemed like I would end up at Georgia State, living at home and never knowing what could have been if I found that perfect college. The pressure was high, and my future was dim.

On a bleak Tuesday, I received an email from one President Victoria Gross. It was addressed to me and, had it not been, I probably wouldn’t have read it.

“While we have built a campus known for its diversity, academic disciplines and excellence, MU is also an institution that lives by its intellectual curiosity, as we foster a willingness to challenge what is blindly accepted, and seek what is quantitatively true.”

As the email progressed, I began to recognize MU’s values. As a leading research institute, I knew I’d be able to explore vast new fields there. As an institution that heavily stresses environmental conscientiousness, I knew I could feel good about my attendance at MU. As a college with multitudinous degree opportunities, I instantly felt safe going in a little unsure of what I wanted my future to look like.

But academics wasn’t the only thing that drew me to MU.

I could feel the joyous, inviting and nurturing environment oozing through my email. I could imagine myself surrounded by my fellow students cheering our world-class football team onto victory. I know it sounds cliché, but I can’t seem to describe that feeling. The feeling of destiny meeting me in my dimly lit bedroom early that morning.

I kept reading and everything kept clicking and falling into place.

That’s me visiting campus!

I knew Monster’s University was the one for me.

The application was challenging, but my determination to attend the prestigious university persisted.

As soon as the application was submitted, those bleak Tuesday clouds parted and I could feel the sun as it almost congratulated me. Savage dog barks were replaced by birds singing, and I heard their encouraging chirps confirming I had chosen well. A bright rainbow peaked in the sky and its end curved down, hovering atop my house. My fingers tingled, and I heard the distant echo of a choir praising my college decision.

After receiving my acceptance to Monster’s University shortly after, I began to connect with incoming freshmen as well as current students. In a whirlwind romance of events, I found my dorm, chose my dining option, connected with on-campus clubs and organizations and found my perfect roommate: a spritely, orange, one-eyed sophomore devoted to her sorority Chi Phi Argma (XOA) and eager to guide me through the next 4+ years.

Here’s my awesome tour guide Sulley!

I know my story is rare. It’s not often that someone can find their perfect college and perfect future in such a short amount of time. It’s not often that it’s this perfect, but I feel lucky to know chapter one of my college journey has been closed and the next chapter is ready to be opened at Monster’s University.


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