Should College Athletes be paid?

Should College Athletes be paid?

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College  athletes  have been playing sports for universities for over 150 years.
Major collegiate sports are governed by either the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) or the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).
Each association sets their own guidelines.  One universal guideline is that colleges may not pay students.
Here is what we think.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) makes approximately 871.6 million dollars a year. Eight hundred seventy one point six million dollars. Million. You could buy a round trip around the moon, your own Boeing airplane and as much college sports team merchandise you could possibly want with that much money. 81 percent of the NCAA’s profit comes from college sports being played on tv and those players never receive a dime of the profit. The 2 most watched college sports events are the College Football Playoff and March Madness. Without college athletes, these extremely popular events would never take place.

The NCAA is making millions of dollars off of what unpaid, in debt, college athletes are playing. Yes it is true that most college athletes are paid by the schools in terms of scholarships to attend the school but, as most moms may know, athletes eat a lot and food is not free. Collegiate athletes also often have to pay for overly expensive books and academic materials, but they do it all to be able to get on the field or court or pool or rink to do what they love. – John Griffin Stanford


College Players are student athletes. The NCAA has a rule about “amateur athletes”. The rules have been placed to insure that the students priority is education not athletics. That means the NCAA does not allow players to have contracts with professional teams, to be represented by an agent, and of course, be paid. It seems as though college athletes are already paid through scholarships. These scholarships can range from $20,000 to 60,000 a year and if you add medical and travel expenses, free gear, facilities and meal plans you’re looking around $80,000 to 200,000. That is more than what most Americans make in a year. Athletic scholarships cover everything a student athlete needs to survive. So paying would just be extra funding. – Lindsay Martin

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