Trump to limit environmentalism


Illustration courtesy of John Ellis

Sam Jones

Man-made climate change is supported by decades of research. The scientific world discusses not the ‘if’ but the ‘when’ of disaster due to environmental change. Of course the most vehement opponent of non-natural climate change will argue that it’s just a theory.

The problem with the rebuttal is that all of science is composed of theories. Yet it’s hard to imagine a climate change denier licking the MARTA steps to refute germ theory.

Climate change deniers are more and more going the way of Flat Earthers of the past, simple people or angry people that reject all scientific data in favor of a more eclectic approach, one not based on any kind of methodology.

While these types of people are well and good, they rarely find their way into positions of power.

Recently though, the American people have seen the admittance of Donald Trump into the Oval Office.

The more apathetic of Americans thought there was no way the Don would be able to cause that much harm.

However, since being in office, Trump deleted the EPA section of the White House website, made plans to continue the Dakota access pipeline, and has the entire scientific community on the brink of an anxiety attack as data is feared to be deleted.

Regardless of political affiliation and personal opinion towards Donald Trump, his effect on the environment is sure to be negative.

Despite Trump’s position, smaller, local movements have made progress including a proposed bill in Massachusetts which demands 100% renewable energy by the year 2035.

Throughout the world countries like India and China continue to trail blaze the environmental sciences, making renewable energy even cheaper.

While the rest of the world takes strides ahead of America, Trump maintains that the problem is a hoax.

Hopefully, the global community can make progress even with a leader so bent on ignoring decades of scientific data.