A year’s stories in retrospect

3ten’s best of 2016

Best use of multimedia


As the staff’s first major foray into producing a story that had it all, “Bee mural generates community reaction” was a fine showing, and an excellent team effort.

Bee mural generates community reaction

Best full feature


Although competition was stiff, this award has to go to Niki Gajjar’s “100 years of getting away from it all”. The number and breadth of stories told in this piece really stands out from the crowd, and the stunning visuals help tie together an exemplary web feature.

“100 years of getting away from it all”

Best news brief


When covering news, its important to get the facts out in a timely fashion, while remaining interesting to your audience. This is best represented in Kaylan Ware’s “Decatur chorus spreads Halloween spirit”, where not one bit of flavor is sacrificed in the name of the deadline.

Decatur chorus spreads Halloween spirit

Best sports


The definite standout among sports pieces is our staff’s take on a contentious, nationwide issue. Madison Castle’s “Head first” showcases excellent subject based storytelling (it was a runner up for best profile in this regard) combined tastefully with fact based reporting, topped off with dramatic and jarring photography.

Head first

Best review


Taking the cake among reviews is Ella Burge’s “Diamonds in the roughly 10,000 available titles”, a practical review for the chronically bored. With titles reviewed ranging from “Top Gun” to Disney’s “Robin Hood”, no one can accuse Ms. Burge of being a close minded moviegoer. 

Diamonds in the roughly 10,000 available titles

Best opinion


There’s no topping the no punches pulled, straight to the point writing of former staff member Sasha Larson, whose “The Voice: Teens should face reality” from May 2016 still strikes a familiar chord. 

The Voice: Teens should face reality

Best magazine-to-web


Maybe it’s Caleb Arias’s striking photography, maybe it’s Somer Benton’s well crafted storytelling, or maybe it’s just Emiliano Warren’s winning smile; all I can say for sure is that “On the fence” is without rivals among our magazine-to-web stories.

On the fence

Best profile


Stories about individuals are often the hardest to craft, but Chris Rosselot’s “Atlanta poet receives national attention” does so with flying colors.

Atlanta poet receives national attention

Best song of the week


When writing for song of the week, it’s important to be quick, simple and straight to the point, so that your reader can get to the real highlight faster: the song. No one knows this better than song of the week veteran John Ellis whose bit on The Growlers’s “Love Test” takes the prize for best song of the week.

Song of the week: Love Test