The best time of the year: March Madness

The best time of the year: March Madness

Kobie Davis,

It’s back. And it might be better than ever.

This year’s March Madness could possibly be the most unpredictable in history. Every number one seed was eliminated before the Final Four except North Carolina. Michigan State, a number two seed, was also one of the top favorites to win it all. They were bounced in the Round of 64 to 15 seed Middle Tennessee. Middle Tennessee would lose the next round to 10 seed Syracuse, a team that barely made the field and has now surged to the Final Four. There were no perfect brackets after the Round of 32.

Crazy, right?

Even some of ESPN’s top analysts were incorrect in predicting the tournament. Jay Bilas in an interview with ESPN, said he thought Kansas would win it all because of how many weapons were on the team. They lost to Villanova in the Elite 8.

Even Vegas wasn’t close in guessing how this year’s tournament would play out. In an article by the Las Vegas Sun, Case Keefer noted that the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook gave Syracuse a 300-to-1 chance of winning the national championship. Now they’re two games away from doing the seemingly impossible.

This March Madness has also had great story lines to follow; Buddy Hield’s dominant season for Oklahoma, friends who might face off in the championship game, Coach K lying, and many more.

It’s hard for other sporting events to match the drama that March Madness brings. Under dogs actually win games. Super stars can be born over night after a buzzer beater or big shot. Coaches can add to their legacy. This year has provided all of those.

The only negative that has surrounded the tournament is the question of whether players should get paid or not.  It’s a tournament that generates hundreds of millions of dollars and players see no part of it.

What will the NCAA do to make March Madness as fun for players as it is for fans?


Photo courtesy of Jeff Turner