Recipe for a great at-home summer

Sasha Larson

Stuck in Decatur June through July? Never fear. There’s plenty within our small Southern town (and its neighboring areas) to keep you occupied. Between ice cream, your TV and new modes of transportation, you won’t even need a vacation. Toss these ingredients into your life and simmer on 98 degrees (high humidity) till happy.

Sasha Seaquest
Photo courtesy of Posters 57

Two season(ings) of seaQuest DSV

Within the crevices of Netflix, you’ll discover this long lost 90s classic. “seaQuest” is like an underwater Star Trek: in the imagined 21st century, the United Earth Oceans Organization enlists the Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) seaQuest to patrol the waters. You’ll certainly find a favorite amid the zany characters inhabiting this squid-shaped submarine. And if you’re not into any of the humans, who could resist Darwin the talking dolphin? “seaQuest”’s fast pace and complex, scientific storylines may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when you can’t make it to the beach, what’s better than picturing yourself engulfed in water?


One cup roof sitting

Exciting? For sure. Mind-opening? It’s got its own perspective, alright. Dangerous? Potentially, but setting up camp on your roof is worth the risk. Prop up a ladder next to your house and climb up top. Bring chairs, food, an umbrella, friends or a book if desired. Combination “Workaholics” tribute and sunbathing exercise, it’s the best way to take you closer to the sky. The change of scenery will let you see Decatur like you never have before. When you can’t take a trip to an unfamiliar land, this might be the next best thing. Just be sure to get a footing up on the shingles.


Two (or three or four or five…) scoops of Bruster’s

Sasha Ice Cream
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC 2.0.

Dairy Queen’s departure from the Trinity Triangle was the shock of the century. Luckily, if you head past North DeKalb Mall, you’ll discover the mecca that is Bruster’s. Indulge in three scoops of your favorite flavor in a waffle cone, or go for a large milkshake if you’ve really got the munchies. Unfortunately, there is no indoor seating – so if Georgia’s heat waves are getting to you, stand by the car wash next door to feel the mist of cool, refreshing hoses. Bone-us idea: doggie sundaes are free with every Bruster’s purchase. Didn’t bring Fido along? No matter. Ask for a scoop (it’s just frozen yogurt with a doggie biscuit) and enjoy even more icy, creamy deliciousness for yourself. “But wait, that’s kinda far away. I don’t have a car,” you might say. Which brings us to…


Sasha Rollerblades
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC 2.0.

A dash of Rollerblades

Your old five-speed Schwinn is chopped liver next to the uber-cool finesse of inline skates. A quick rummage through the bins at Play it Again Sports and you’re sure to find your size. Add elbow and knee pads, and you’ve got yourself a way to cruise our four square miles in style. Practice the basics in the safety of your driveway before shredding the neighborhood sidewalks. What’s a better workout than pumping your thighs up those Georgia hills? Seriously, actually get some Rollerblades. If we all work together, maybe they’ll become cool again.


A spoonful of your local hardware store

Forget shopping at the mall. Hardware stores are chock full of a variety of goodies for whatever your summer mood may be. Peruse Ace’s aisles of gardening supplies, toolkits and yard decorations, and get lost within the shop’s flower-sheathed mystique. This is not a joke. Hardware stores provide bountiful entertainment, and may just give you landscaping inspiration while you’re there. When you find yourself purchasing a miniature wrench and then an ice scraper, that’s when you know your summer has taken a turn for the best.