Review: Looking for Alaska

Morgan Johnson

Who knew the beloved John Green wrote other books besides “The Fault in our Stars,” the irresistible, yet trendy teen novel turned hit movie?

Ten years ago, Green published his first book, “Looking for Alaska.” It is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover because the title and cover art no inclination as to what is to come inside.

Throughout the story we follow a group of four teens, Pudge, Alaska, the Colonel and Takumi in their boarding school adventures. As we learn about the personalities and struggles of each character, Alaska remains a mystery.

After a completely unexpected tragedy, the story takes a sharp turn from entertaining to depressing, ending without any true ending at all.

Overall, the novel is jarring and disheartening. While a plot twist is always fun, this one just seems to random and sad for its own good. 

The book was undeniably gripping, but that was most likely due to Green’s inviting and relatable rhetoric rather than the storyline.

Besides the disappointing ending, “Looking for Alaska” offers something for everyone, and it is definitely worth reading for anyone interested in reading something comedic, romantic, or thought provoking.