Vaping: A new trend

Jonathan Thomas

According to a New York Times article, in 2010 84 percent of active smokers believed e-cigs to be less harmful than normal cigarettes, but this number dropped to 65 percent by 2013.

Are E-Cigarettes actually healthier than “real” cigarettes? Or is it just a more high tech way to get the new generation hooked on nicotine?

On its path to becoming a booming billion dollar industry, E-Cig companies plan to outsell cigarettes in the near future. The hype over E-Cigs began when the industries claimed that it was a healthier alternative to smoking and since then the number of teen E-Cig smokers doubled between 2011 and 2012.

But, what are you actually smoking? Although E-cigs don’t have tobacco like normal cigarettes, a lot of the same chemicals found in actual cigarettes can be found in a vape pen, according to

So, don’t be a guinea pig. When tobacco industry was booming, if you will, most people believed it was safe. Now we know better since there are over 700 different chemicals one of them being formaldehyde (a substance used for preserving dead bodies).

Vaping still hasn’t been well studied yet so there are still some question marks and flags that come up when thinking about it.

Just recently, researchers used a “tank system” to show that there are still some levels of formaldehyde in E-Cigs.

I was able to talk to a E-Cig connoisseur Jim Taylor who was been using E-Cigs for 3 years now.

“I was shocked when I found out what was really inside a vape pen’s liquid,” Jim Taylor, who switched over to vaping from smoking last year, said. “I really thought it was safer than smoking, but it’s still better because of the non smoke smell.”

That being said, think before you inhale the mystery liquid.


Photos courtesy of Creative Commons