Quality summer movies based on trailers


Illustration by Dou-Wei Yang

It is a lineup of sequels and remakes fit for the 2014 Summer.

Summer vacation typically leaves a lot of free time for students, even if they have jobs during the workweek. A great way to spend time is at the movie theaters, of course.

This summer brings an exciting lineup of sequels and remakes, but only a few original movies. Here are some movies toconsider seeing at a cinema that doesn’t have totally overpriced tickets and food.

X-men Days of Future Past: Days of Future Past, aka Wolverine VI, gets you two Magnetos and two Charles Xaviers adjusted for inflation in the seventh installment of the X-men movies.

If you aren’t caught up to the First Class series, whatbasically happened is that you find out how Charles Xavier and Magneto become sworn frenemies. The film also introduces you to a bunch of mutants who were in previous movies but did not get their own movie like Wolverine in X-men Origins.

Days of Future Past brings back Wolverine to go back in time and prevent a crisis that would mean the end of all mutants in an alternate reality of 2014 where robots known as sentinels seek to destroy all mutants.

If you enjoy superhero movies and don’t want to see one that is owned by Disney then prepare yourself for an exciting movie filled with mutants and time traveling. Hey, if you really want to see a Disney superhero movie then Captain America: Winter Soldier, is out now just so another Avengers movie can be made.

Brick Mansions: This will be one of the last movies to come out with Paul Walker since his fatal car accident November 30, 2013. Walker is famous for the Fast and the Furious movies and Fast and the Furious 7 (2015 is the set release year) will be the last movie that he will be featured in.

Brick Mansions is an American remake (still missing those original movies) of District B13. The original movie took place in Paris following an ex-con and an undercover cop as they infiltrate a gang-controlled area in order to defuse a neutron bomb.

Brick Mansions takes the same character concepts, with Paul Walker as the undercover cop and David Belle, a French actor and stuntman, as the ex-con forced towork together to get back Belle’s girlfriend who has been kidnapped by a kingpin in Detroit. While it seems less dramatic than defusing a bomb, it still has the potential to  be an exciting movie.

This version of Detroit has completely fallen apart so the cops built a containment wall so that gangs can have their own free for all Hunger Games usually without harming the general public.

See Brick Mansions for an oddly familiar feel of Detroit, one of Paul Walker’s final films and gang war action.

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction: Finally, a Transformers movie without Shia Labeouf. Hopefully Mark Wahlberg can save this movie series even though the last few Transformers movies weren’t that great anyway. “Mark Wahlberg is great but I don’t know if I want to see him in Transformers,” sophomore Kwame Oliver said.

If you really want to see a bad movie about robots in disguise, see Transmorphers, a terrible rip off of Transformers. It seems the movie industry is intent on milking franchises as much as possible either because they can (The Hobbit), or so they can keep the rights to the movies (X-men and Spiderman). Transformers is just another movie being milked for all it’s worth thatcould have been done better.

Based on the trailer, the plot of Age of Extinction is: Mark Wahlberg buys a junk vehicle that is actually Optimus Prime. He revives it and possible government officials storm his house. Decepticons invade Earth again and somehow transformers that look like dinosaurs are involved hence the title Age of Extinction.

The “best” part is that there will supposedly be another Transformers after this.