A trip to the donut shop (Revolution Donuts review)

Wallets heavy with the promise of doughnuts, I gathered my friends and walked across Decatur to Revolution Donuts. I opened the door and the sweet smell of cinnamon greeted us.


Despite being the only donut shop in Decatur, Revolution brings a new spin to the doughnut trade with their oversized doughnuts. According to their website, their goal is to bring back the essence of the simple, hand-made doughnut. Our goal was not only to stuff our faces, but to judge the quality of these doughnuts and their home.


The cashier behind the counter smiled and said ‘hello’ but I paid no heed. My attention was held by the glass case of  doughnuts stacked high.


We approached the counter, careful not to be overwhelmed by the colorful assortment. The staff was nice and helpful, always ready for the question “What’s your favorite?” The donuts are pricey, but they make up for that in size. After a long and thoughtful order, we walked away with five types of donuts and empty wallets.


Our choices and verdicts:


The Cinnamon Apple Fritter: “The icing was a really nice touch. But the apple was a little too overwhelming,” Ogoussan said.


Cinnamon Sugar: “I like how it satisfies my sweet tooth and how I can cram it all into my mouth,” Williams said.


Vanilla Glazed: “Delicious, but overly sweet, not much can be eaten at one time,” Williams said.


Raspberry Sprinkle: “It was very bready so the toppings weren’t enough for the entire doughnut to be good,” Sommers said.


Peppermint White Chocolate: “If I could taste Christmas, this would be it,” Ogoussan said.


The feast resulted in what seemed like a four way chubby bunny contest with donuts. A large brown box surrounded by a pile of wax paper was all that remained after the carnage. Be ready when visiting this classic doughnut shop with friends and family to find a new level of food baby.