Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

They put cupcakes into blenders and make milkshakes out of them.


Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand is the best of its kind. Budget friendly and mouthwatering, it’ll satisfy even the vegetarians with their Cake Shakes and Cheesie Wedgies.

After going for the first time late one Saturday night, I found a new love. Every weekend, Delia’s is open 24 hours. That means that there’s never a time when you can’t satisfy your chicken craving.


According to Jezebel Magazine author Caroline Cox, “The brains behind The Porter Beer Bar and The Flying Biscuit have come together to serve up all-natural, locally sourced chicken sausage – whenever the craving strikes.”


Named one of the “Best Secrets of Atlanta,” by AirTran Go Magazine, Delia’s sits nestled amongst the many fast food restaurants on Moreland Ave. It’s one of those places you wouldn’t know unless someone told you about it.


Delia Champion, the woman behind Delia’s Sausage Stand, is the founder of The Flying Biscuit. Part of her strategy in opening Delia’s was to catch the people wandering around at two o’clock in the morning looking for something better than McDonalds to eat. It worked – the busiest hours are regularly between two and four o’clock in the morning.


This isn’t to say that the creation of Delia’s was a spur of the moment decision. Champion has been preparing the recipes that made Delia’s famous for fifteen years.


According to Instawares Spotlight, “Restaurants are more than just places to eat. Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand captures the essence of the eclectic east Atlanta [neighborhood].”


The energy within the restaurant is exciting and friendly. Small but open, as soon as I walked in I knew I’d found something special. Their milkshakes are tier one, and the staff there makes Delia’s a must-visit for anyone looking for something to eat.