Is Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour bigger than hip-hop?

On Dec. 1, 2013, I witnessed the best live performance by any artist in my life.

Senior Kristin Munson, who also attended the concert, had a lot to say about the performance.

“At one point the platform he was standing on was actually moving. He was wearing all these elaborate masks and his dancers were in these really bizarre, yet really cool outfits. . . which blew my mind.”

The stage, created to look like a mountain, was at least 20 feet high, a triangle stage, similar to a ledge, that rose in certain moments of his performance.  Like Munson said, he also had dancers in full body leotards who performed with him throughout the night.  He also had someone dressed up as wolf-looking creature which helped tell the story going on throughout the concert.

Kanye West is famous for his many rants and speeches he gives during performances.  In this speech, he talked about the difference between dreamers and haters.  It truly inspired some people, like senior Daniel Easley.

“It was really inspirational. All my emotions were heightened at that moment.  I was like ‘yeah I can be a dreamer, I don’t have to be a hater,’” he said with a laugh.

Both him and Munson said they had been to a number of hip-hop concerts before but “never experienced anything like that.”