Feminism is misunderstood


Rosie the riveter is one of many iconic feminist figures. During World War Two, women started taking on a different role while the men were gone.

Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

As the definition implies, feminists, whether they are men or women, are supposed to be fighting for the equality of women, not the removal of men.

Burning bras and shaming men are not the qualities of a true feminist. People of our generation seem to believe a true feminist is a woman who believes in overthrowing men and obtaining female supremacy. Stereotypes and myths like these are what give feminism a bad reputation.

Freshman Caroline Barber believes that the point of feminism is for women to become equal with men and for women move up on the social ladder, becoming more that just a stereotypical 50’s house mother.

“Feminism is not about women overthrowing men so much as it is about the destruction of gender roles that don’t benefit anyone,” Barber said.

Feminism, in the eyes of sophomore Roxy Brown, is common sense and should be embraced by everyone.

“Feminism is still needed,” Brown said. “ I hate the way society treats women. I get honked at and cat called while I walk down the road.”

Brown explains that all those people want are reactions, so she just ignores them, or, in times of annoyance, yells “screw you”.

To fight back peacefully against society’s “unfair”  treatment of women, Brown recently started to publish zines, expressing her views on feminism and her admiration of Riot Grrrl, an underground feminist music movement. Zines are mini magazines that are self-published, so Brown can put whatever she feels like writing in them.

Brown has also started to notice others participating in SlutWalk protests to fight back against victim blaming in rape cases. SlutWalk is a protest movement against using a woman’s appearance to excuse or explain rape. In these protests, women and men will wear “slutty” clothing to make the point that, no matter how revealing, “my dress is not a yes.”

“I hate it when people say ‘poor boys, their lives are ruined’,” Brown said. “How wrong is that? Those kinds of people don’t even deserve to breathe. Rape is the rapists fault.”

Though efforts are being made to help feminism grow, Brown and Barber still believe adults and teens alike are still oblivious to inequality.

“The only thing we can do,” Brown said. “Is try to educate people on what feminism really is.”