No place for art

No place for art

Every year Decatur’s student body produces television segments and a magazine that gets distributed throughout the school. Though these magazines and productions allow for students to receive local news in an up-to-date fashion, these mediums do little for the arts.

Instead of focusing on arts and student produced poetry and prose, the current Decatur Magazine, Carpe Diem focuses on conveying stories and opinions about student life.

There is one class, however, that also produces a magazine. Though it publishes its work a lot less often in comparison to the DEC and Carpe Diem, the Creative Writing class headed by Dr. Cara Cassell produces a literary magazine every spring.

It is created by first-year creative writing students, and they then sell the issues to the student body.

Why is it that Decatur doesn’t produce a literary magazine that gets created and distributed to students free of cost? You may be wondering.

“Because of budgeting, and personal commitments, the school is not in a position to take on another student produced magazine,” Cassell said. “I believe that one day, when we’re able, the school will produce a literary magazine, as well as offer an opportunity for students to take the class for a second year,”

“Producing the magazine was a challenge, but the end result was rewarding, because it’s one of the first times I’ve published my work,” SaDarria Player said.

Though it may be too late, to purchase a magazine, you can still see it floating around the school with various teachers, proudly on display.