Revolution Doughnuts: An employee’s review


As their workers have gotten more independant, Maria and Joel Riggs have begun considering opening a second Revolution Doughnuts.

Last Sunday was one of the first times I have enjoyed seeing someone cry.

I have worked at Revolution Doughnuts for almost a year now, and Maria and Joel Riggs have transformed the way I look at working.

Last Sunday was the end-of-the-season party for Revolution Doughnuts workers. All of the tables were lined up in the middle of the room and the twelve of us ate tacos and chocolate. I am the youngest of the group, the one closest to me in both age and friendship is nineteen. Most of the others have kids. They are in their twenties and support themselves and their families. These people are not friends of my parents- they are mine.

My bosses, Maria and Joel made a speech that night. Maria, who has put her life into Revolution Doughnuts cried over how much we had contributed to the store. Joel told us that he did not know whether the Revolution would have worked out without us.

As I was sitting there, watching Maria accept a napkin from Joel and choke up again over how much she appreciated our commitment, my outlook on work clicked into place. Since graduating from babysitting to doughnuts, my attitude towards working has slowly transformed from being on the verge of disrespectful and definitely unwilling to loyal and accepting. I have learned to accept people for whatever faults they have that may annoy me. Working has forced me as their co-worker to take it- whatever I can get.

Revolution Doughnuts is more than I could have asked for. As a job, it is perfect. I realize time and time again how lucky I am to have it.

“Right here and right now, you all are the best I could have asked for to run this shop. Thank you,” Maria said.