In my opinion: funding dependency

America’s welfare state continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. It is intuitive to think that the more money is spent on a problem, such as poverty, the more people will be helped. According to a study done by the Heritage Foundation (see above), there has been a massive increase in the amount of money spent on government welfare- a 41% increase from 2008 to 2010 alone.

It is natural to assume that because there are more people in need, more money needs to be spent to help those people. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is the true cause of why people need help in the first place. Success of a welfare program (such as food stamps, welfare checks etc.) should not be measured by how many people it provides for, but by how many people don’t need the help in the first place.

A separate study by the Heritage Foundation found that one in five Americans are completely dependent on government support (not including government employees). The result is a state of dependency in which the more money the government spends the more help people need. When it becomes easier to sign up for food stamps than to get a job at the local grocery store, who wouldn’t take the “free” food? The problem is that the food is paid for by someone. Politicians want to continue building welfare offices, and coaxing people to take “free stuff” instead taking initiative. They want to perpetuate the welfare state.

This is bad for people, bad for business, and bad for America. The costs of a welfare state are high, and it’s clear who bears them: you.