It just doesn’t matter: Seniors shouldn’t bother to cast votes


Obama visited the Varsity on June 26, 2012 during a campaign stop. It was his last campaign stop in Georgia during the election season.

No matter your political affiliation, it is safe to assume that the decision you make on November 6th won’t change who becomes the next American president.

The electoral college, as anyone that has ever taken an American History course knows, elects the president, not a popular vote. Each state has a set amount of votes that it can cast, and whichever candidate wins the popular vote in the state has all of the state’s votes cast in his favor.

Because of this, if you vote for Obama in a state that picked Romney, your vote won’t have any bearing on the outcome of the election, as 100% of the electoral college votes would be cast in favor of Romney.

Likewise, Georgia has voted Republican in all Presidential elections since 1996 in a convincing fashion.

According to CNN, Republicans claimed Georgia by a 5.22% margin in 2008, a 16.62% margin in 2004 and a 11.69% margin in 2000. There isn’t any reason to suspect that this will change in the 2012 election.

Even Obama, the champion of hope, views Georgia as a lost cause. Having to budget both his time and his funds, Obama hasn’t made a single campaign stop to Georgia since Romney was given the Republican nomination. On the other hand, he has visited states such as Virginia, Florida, Ohio and Iowa multiple times, given that those states could vote either way in the upcoming election.

The swing states, in the end, are what decide the election. According to CNN projections, if Obama were to win Florida, another swing state and all of his “decided” states, he will win the election. So, from his perspective, what is the point of campaigning in Georgia, which has always convincingly voted Republican?

For the Obama administration, time and money are better spent in the undecided states and not in a state like Georgia.

Likewise, if a presidential campaign were to determine that a state’s electoral college votes don’t matter to the overall outcome of the election, what is the point of voting in that state?

In the same way that Obama has decided to not waste time and money on Georgia’s election, you, seniors, shouldn’t worry about trying to cast a vote, as it just doesn’t matter.