Don’t sleep class of 2015!


Counselor Ken Jackson recommends that each AP World History students dedicates ten hours a week to studying–the ten hours don’t include time for the six other classes that students have.

As the 2011-2012 school year wraps up, I’m starting to look back on a long, tiresome year. I’ve reached many academic, athletic and social milestones this year. I’ve also didn’t reach some of my goals and ambitions for this year–Why? I was lazy.

I’ve completed my first AP course: AP World History. It’s a hard class but it’s a worthwhile experience. Rising sophomores will take AP US History instead of AP World next year. US history is an easier topic than covering the entire history of the entire world. My advice is to class of 2015 is to stay focused.

As a journalist, I was pressed for time all year. With four other core classes, academic commitments, and trying to squeeze in some free time is a tough task. It took me all year to figure out that I actually enjoy history. I should have spent less time blowing off homework and readings to be lazy and just conquer AP World like Europe conquered India and China during imperialism.

I’m going to miss our AP World teacher, Ms. Embry– who can pull many magical learning tricks out of her hat for slackers like me. I really regret not devoting more time to my first AP class ever, I also learned to show more respect for all the support Ms. Embry, my parents, my friends and my counselor gave me.

Basically, I recognize what I did wrong this year. I should have enjoyed learning something I love instead of slacking off. I’m not saying that every student taking AP US History next year is going to enjoy it– just but at least 70% effort in to the class– who knows? You might actually enjoy it.