Brand name labels shouldn’t define you


Clothes shouldn’t define the person you set yourself out to be.

U.S.P.A or Ralph Lauren? Aeropostale or Hollister? Many Decatur students could identify themselves as “label-savvy” and feel like there is a certain image that they need to uphold, but is there really a difference, even if the clothes are basically the same?

Deon Williams and Kiyonna Johnson are just those “label-savvy” students.

“I’m a shoe type of guy. If you don’t have a pair of Jordans, Kobes, and some Lebrons, you got some serious catching up to do,” Williams said.

Johnson said, “My clothes, accessories, and shoes are my brand. If you didn’t know my name I would hope that you remembered me by the nice stuff I wore. It’s so important and should be important to everyone.”

In a teen’s mind this could be the start of admiration or the end of their reputation.

Many brands are barely any different. Who would’ve thought that one less stripe, an extra dot, or a different logo could mean the end of the world in high school?

Student Greg Thomas said, “I mean people feel comfortable in different things, but I just don’t know why you would spend your money on something that is the same when you take a sticker off of it.”

TV and Internet is the primary reason for stress over the clothes Decatur students wear. Maybe they saw their favorite celebrity wearing a certain label and they just had to get it or maybe they are influenced by their classmates to buy that label that has just a little more “swagger” to it.

Whatever the reason, it really isn’t that serious! Clothes should not define who you are, but you should define yourself.

Like really? If it looks good to you and fits in your own personal style, rock it!
Don’t conform to society, be a trendsetter.