Don’t forget the good


During his trek across Australia, French lost 26 pounds and went through seven pairs of shoes, according to Huffington Post. French is part of the 501st League of Storm Troopers, who all do similar acts of charity while all donning a suit.

It’s a harsh world.

Turn on the news and you’ll find stories and images of incurable diseases, inexplicable tragedies, as well as thousands of other horrifying truths dominating the media- leaving you frightened, worried, or just generally depressed.

But what most people don’t realize is that in the unfortunate timeline of events are hidden the great wonders of the world – or as Huffington Post has it labeled – the “Good News” tab. Inside holds stories of sweet reunions or pure chances of luck.

I personally believe that for every dark story, read a light one. While some may argue that there are naturally more negative stories, perhaps it is the media that focuses more on the hard-hitting, tough stories that could more drastically affect the majority of the world.

It’s out there, though. The good things humans are doing and the stories that will make people stop, for a second, and smile.

Take, for example, Jacob French – who did more than just ‘raise money for charity.’ French did so in the most interesting of ways – he dressed up as a Stormtrooper from the hit series Star Wars and walked 3,100 miles across the country of Australia according to

French gave the donations he received from the walk to the Starlight Children’s Foundation who supports children with chronic disease. The entirety of his proceeds totaled up to more than $100,000.

People around the world are doing things that are not only opening minds, they are making people laugh, smile, and be more optimistic.

Travel back to the U.S. and find another act of kindness. Last summer nine-year-old Caine Monroy built an entire life-size arcade out of merely cardboard boxes. When filmmaker Nirvan Mullick stepped inside Caine’s arcade as his first and only customer, he was stunned and impressed with the boys ability to come up with such a creative thought.

After using the arcade as a project, Mullick produced and recently released the movie “Caine’s Arcade”- in which Mullick organized a flashmob of customers to the arcade. The video quickly went viral and Monroy is now collecting money from supporters for college funds later in his life.

Both events were reported inside Huffington Post’s “Good News” tab, and have helped the projects gain coverage.

These are only two things that have happened out of the hundreds in the past two weeks. Yet they are so inspiring and creative (and until recently undiscovered) it brings the question to mind- how much good is actually out there that is being ignored?

Scandals, murders, wars should not dominate the media. While it is important to be informed, it is equally important to live positively. So bookmark the “Good News” tab. Use websites merely based on positive things in the world such as Get happy, get involved, and be informed. It will change the way you see the world, the community, and even your own life.