CSD Announces Changes to IB and AP Test Fees


CSD has paid fully for IB exams until the 2022-2023 school year.

Grant Whitley

IB and AP test fees will no longer be covered by City Schools of Decatur (CSD). “All families have the option to pay for the exams this year at $97 per AP test and $119 per IB exam,” Decatur High School principal Ms. Lofstrand said in an email sent to parents and students on Sept. 7. 

The change in test payment stems from the approximate 870 IB and AP test takers, as CSD can no longer justify the subsequent $249,417 price tag.

CSD announced that in an effort to become a more equitable community, the district suggests students who can pay for the additional fees do so while scholarship and payment plans will be provided to students who can’t comfortably pay. 

“CSD strongly desires that the fees not dissuade any student who wants to pursue AP and IB coursework and assessment and opportunities for scholarships will be available,” Lofstrand continued, “Automatically covering testing fees for all CSD students creates a financial burden for the district not typically accrued by schools and an equity issue in our schools.” 

For more information on testing fees, the district guides community members to contact Ms. Lofstrand at [email protected] or to attend the virtual Town Hall hosted by Ms. Lofstrand on September 29 at 7 pm.