School Cancelled Nov. 5 for Atlanta Braves Parade


The City Schools of Decatur Board made the decision on the morning of Nov. 4th.

Aiden Payne and Carly Collins

All City Schools of Decatur schools will be closed on Friday, Nov. 5 due to the Atlanta Braves World Series victory parade.

CSD superintendent Maggie Fehrman enacted the cancellation with the goal of providing an opportunity for the community to “come together and celebrate a big win for our team.” 

Also, the Decatur school board stated that many teachers who parent children in other (cancelled) school districts would have had to stay home to “address childcare issues.” 

According to Fehrman, Decatur schools would not have had sufficient staffing to cover the “disruption to school operations [they] anticipate tomorrow.” 

A large majority of other Atlanta-area school districts had already made the decision to be closed on Friday, including Dekalb County schools and Atlanta Public schools. Other school districts’ decision to close was based on road closures, expected low student attendance, and potential disruptions.

CSD students had been pushing the closure of schools since the victory on Tuesday night. November 5th coincided with the senior-planned senior skip day, and many other students planned to skip school to attend the parade as well, whether the district cancelled or not.

CSD does not plan on making up the cancelled day or requiring virtual learning on Friday. Instead, Fehrman encourages students and staff to “sleep in, relax, and take a few hours to do something you love.”

The city-wide parade will span from downtown Atlanta to Marietta, and officially starts at 11:30 am.

The home Varsity football game and Senior Night on Friday will take place as scheduled.