‘Foco’ sparks online debate among students

On Sunday, October 18, a post from the Instagram account @dhspics sparked a debate between DHS students about the morality of hanging out with friends while not social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The post featured images of DHS students in varying grades attending “Focos,” fake homecomings, where they dressed up as if there were a homecoming dance and took pictures together. 

Some of the photos showed students together without masks and not maintaining a social distance as they posed for a group photo, while other photos showed different students wearing masks. 

The Instagram account @dhspics is run by DHS alum, Keson Graham.

The next morning, the post had 174 comments from DHS students.

@leavey.greens.are.healthy began the debate with the comment, “No masks? Really? And y’all are wondering why they won’t re-open school.” 

@michellgibbs responded similarly to many other comments, “People don’t get that in the cases of many couples in these photos they have already or inevitably were going to be exposed to one another, I see no problem so long as they are keeping controlled with just each other, which it seems as such.”

One of the students in the photos @alexissullenbeckbar commented, “I really want to say that we’re so sorry if our mock hoco[homecoming] has made anyone feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or angry. I completely understand why you might feel that way. We definitely should have worn masks but we got covid tested and came back negative before we got together. We stuck to a group of ten and tried our best to be cautious. We all wear masks when we’re in public but I understand how our posts could have come off insensitive and extremely selfish.”

On October 19, the original post was taken down and replaced with edits of each student wearing photoshopped masks with the caption: “Here’s foco with masks. #foco”

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