Bloomberg sets up campaign office in Decatur, but efforts fail

As the presidential primary elections approach in Georgia on March 24, former presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg attempted to expand his reach by setting up a campaign office in downtown Decatur, neighboring Fleet Feet Sports and Dancing Goats Coffee Bar. 

Bloomberg has accumulated numerous spaces around America to designate as campaign offices. Despite his efforts, Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race on March 4.

When people visited an office, they were supplied with information and volunteer opportunities and given opportunities to attend multiple events on specific aims of Bloomberg. 

This sign, along with numerous others, were displayed across the windows of the Decatur office and inside.

Cindy Thomas, the president of the Dekalb Young Democrats, worked within the Decatur office as the regional director to inform interested citizens. The area Thomas covers includes Rockdale county, most of Dekalb county and a portion of the Gwinnett and Newton counties. 

Dekalb is one of the most liberal counties in Georgia, and Thomas describes Decatur as its capital. Considering this, Thomas feels that having an office in Decatur “just [made] sense.”

Volunteering all her life led Thomas to wholeheartedly volunteer to advocate for Bloomberg, who she believed was the best candidate. 

“Nobody’s perfect, but I feel like he is our best chance to beat Trump. Trump is really scared of him because Mike is like a real version of him, Mike is self-made, he has always been giving to all kinds of causes and he has a great track record.”

As an African American, Thomas found Bloomberg’s plans to invest in building wealth of African Americans appealing. Specifically, his plan to guarantee one million new African American homeowners in 10 years, which CNN confirmed. 

In comparison to other candidates, some of who are visionaries, Thomas regarded Bloomberg as more likely to implement his ideals once in office since he follows through with his promises.

“[He doesn’t say], ‘Well, I’m thinking about helping out moms whose kids have died from gun violence.’ No, he actually helped them out massively and spent lots of money to change certain laws so that we can be more safe,” Thomas said.

The typical term limit for mayor of New York City is two. Bloomberg, however, became the first mayor of New York to serve for three terms. 

“If he can be the mayor of the most diverse city in our entire world and do such a good job that the people actually vote for him to stay for four more years [past the two term limit] is so unheard of and speaks to how awesome he is,” Thomas said.

Thomas feels Bloomberg’s moderate beliefs made him the best option to unite “our divisive country” because he appealed to all sides, referring to members of the Democrat, Republican and independent parties. 

Driving around the Metro Atlanta, Thomas noticed Bloomberg signs “everywhere.”

“I think [our offices] are definitely working because I think people just want to know that we’re here and we’re the first ones here,” Thomas said. “I think it speaks of our value that we care enough about our area to actually invest in getting an office space right [in the open] so that people can see us and come to us.” 

To Thomas’ dismay, Bloomberg dropped out due to limited success he had during Super Tuesday.