Decatur High School, GA

Who are Decatur Students Supporting for the 2020 Presidential Primaries?

March 9, 2020

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The Georgia presidential primaries are nearing, with early voting already underway and the election date on March 24. 3ten surveyed the student body to find out who people are supporting in the primaries. The survey was sent out on Feb. 26, 2020 before candidates Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren dropped out.

Bernie Sanders

“Has had the same progressive spirit and political agenda since the dinosaurs, and I admire that consistency.” -David Putman, 12 grade (registered to vote)

I love Bernie’s consistent record, his passion, and sincere commitment to his policies. His commitment to Medicare for All while other candidates have been wishy-washy at best with their support is proof that he cares about America’s working class, and that’s something that American politics hasn’t seen in a long time.” -Wes Freeland, 10th grade

His policies are the most left, and I agree with him strongly on most issues. Eat the rich.” -Gemma Rossi, 12th grade (registered to vote)

I’ve been a Bernie supporter since the 2016 election. He has a a strong record and a level of consistency and dedication to doing good for the people of this country, and particular those who have been victims of oppression in this country that no other candidate posesses.” -Maddock Thomas

Socialism is what we need.” -Louis Leghorn

He: wants a quick Medicare For All, wants a federal jobs guarantee, a wealth tax, massive criminal justice reform, Green New Deal, etc.” -Aaron Lam, 10th grade

I wanted him to win in 2016.” -Owen Rice

Pete Buttigieg

“He understands the younger generations and is more moderate then radical which is what we need in order to compromise with Republicans.” -Joe Pittman

“I personally think that none of the candidates are the greatest pick because I don’t like the approach that Bernie Sanders has, specifically his supporters, and he is really old. Pete has flaws, especially since a lot of people think he doesn’t have the charisma or personality. But I think that he is the best candidate because he would be able to appeal to a broader audience compared to other candidates. He also is a good speaker in my opinion. Anyone besides Trump or Bloomberg is good though.” -Jacqueline Holden, 11th grade

“It’s honestly a really close call between him and some other Democrats, but he is the candidate that has expressed the most things I agree with.” -Kate Joy, 12th grade (registered to vote)

Amy Klobuchar

She is perfect and would be able to sway middle voters, which Democrats need!!” -Isabelle Hanna, 12th grade (registered to vote)

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