Decatur introduces new database for course selection

Decatur High School’s counseling department has introduced a new database to help sophomores decide their courses and pathways (IB Diploma, Dual Enrollment, etc.). The database shows which colleges past Decatur High students have attended and which pathway they took. It also shows the average GPA, SAT score, and the average amount of college courses taken by students over 2017-2019.

The database is currently in its early stages, however, IB Coordinator, Dr. Cheryl Nahmias, believes it will be a helpful tool for rising juniors,

 “The goal is to make things more transparent, more clear and less stressful”.”

Decatur has always provided resources to students to assist in the college search. With records from recent graduates, the new database allows an even more applicable database for Decatur students.

The database’s purpose is to help sophomores select pathways that will help them go to colleges they aspire to attend.. This is done through choosing categories like higher-level, out of state, in-state, highly selective, and historically black colleges and comparing what pathways were taken by people at those schools.

The resource is not fully completed though and is expected to be completed sometime next October, just in time for sophomore course selection. The database will be updated annually.