Global Village Project support refugee girls with annual walk


On Nov. 2, 2019, The Global Village Project (GVP) hosted their seventh annual Welcome Walk. This is a tradition at GVP that honors community building and fundraising, where community members walk along students, staff and parents of GVP to support refugee girls’ education.

This Welcome walk is 4.8 miles from the Refuge Coffee Co., to GVP in Downtown Decatur.

GVP is a program located at Decatur Presbyterian Church, designed to offer schooling to refugee girls that have had disrupted learning throughout their life. This school ensures these girls can get the access and schooling they need to be successful to pursue their dreams.

Amy Pelissero is the head of GVP and has been a huge contributor to this school.

“I have had this role for the past six years. Before that, I was an English/ESOL teacher at GVP. I currently am responsible for the effective management of all parts of the Project [including] the all-day school, volunteer and mentor programs, alumnae program, and more,” said Pelissero.

Parents, students and supporters walk together on the 4.8-mile trail.

The annual Welcome Walk was created for many reasons and has great significance to the school and the people apart of it. The walk provides an opportunity for the community to show their support for the school and stand in solidarity for the refugee families apart of the program.

While the Welcome Walk provided a get chance to share what GVP does and promote the program, it is also a huge fundraiser. This year GVP raised $70,000 through the walk, making it possible for GVP to provide life-changing opportunities by every dollar raised.

Pelissero states this walk also has a huge mental impact on many people apart GVP especially the girls.

“Our students and families can see and feel the support that surrounds them in and through the Walk. There are so many smiles, hugs, and conversations shared. It is truly a celebration of community,” Pelissero said.

Pelissero believes It also provides a safe and comfortable environment for everyone apart of the walk, as people share their stories throughout the walk, creating many new friendships.

After the finish line, the celebration continues with festivities including face painting, the Big Burgers and Wings food truck, school tours, a performance by the GVP Chorus.