‘Lost Planet’ EP is a pleasant surprise


South Florida rapper Smokepurpp released his new project Lost Planet just in time for Coachella. The EP was announced back in March, but he did not share its release date or official tracklist until recently. Lost Planet is eight tracks and includes features from Gunna, NLE Choppa, and Lil Pump. The young artist also invested heavily in a cutting edge production team that includes Kenny Beats, Thank You Fizzle, A Lau, Tony Seltzer, and TM88.

Lost Planet is most likely in preparation for Smokepurpp’s upcoming studio album titled Dead Star 2. Fans have anticipated the release of this album for over a year now as his breakout mixtape Dead Star was a massive hit. Fans are hoping for an official album and tour announcement in the near future.  

The initial reaction gathered from Lost Planet is that it seems almost as if the EP was released in order for Smokepurpp to remain a relevant artist as he finishes his album. The extremely energetic artist has various high profile gigs in the next couple of months such as Coachella, Rolling Loud and Summer Smash 2019. Smokepurpp is slowly finding his way in the music industry after he and very close friend Lil Pump gained popularity together but have now gone their separate ways. Even though both of these artists have branched off from one another, they share extremely similar fan bases and continue to clobarate to this day.

Smokepurpp is a part of the current trend of grimy, uncut and aggressive soundcloud rappers such as Trippie Redd, Famous Dex and Comethazine. While this style and sound is definitely prevelkant on “Lost Planet”, Purpp also makes some significant efforts to diversify his music. Songs such as “Double” on the EP is generally what is expected of Purpp as an artist but other tracks such as “Remember Me” are drastically different. The Up and Coming artist tends to follow every cliche that this particular sound has to offer such as his use of a fat distorted bass and overuse of adlibs. Some songs are ridiculously short and barely have choruses but that kind of music is gaining some significant traction on the charts. On Lost Planet, Purpp blends his wild, edgy and fun work with some new smoother and wavy songs. “Baguettes”, “Remember Me” and “Throw away” are tracks that show more of the pop side of him similar to Post Malone or the Weeknd. The jarring bolts of energy lends many track a quality. The “Weapon” is less eccentric or intriguing but similarly shows Smokepurpp diligently fine-tuning his style.

The project itself does not emit a specific vibe or theme but the  In a genre of music where a new and unique artist emerges every week, Purpp is making an effort to improve and diversify his sound. The addition of more gloomy and hazy tracks with Smokepurpp taking a peculiar stab at introspective singing is a positive adjustment for the developing artist. Although the change of pace is commendable, the results on this particular project are not what they could be. Over time, Purpp will continue to master his craft and grow his fanbase utilizing this level of musicality and style while staying true to his roots. Lost Planet should tide fans over for the release of Deadstar 2 while allowing Purpp to receive feedback on new ideas in his music.