Seniors Organize Model UN Conference


On Saturday, April 27, Decatur High School hosted a Model UN conference bringing in students from a variety of other schools.


A Model UN conference is a simulation of the real United Nations where participants, known as delegates, are given a situation and a country. They must act and make decisions as their given country in order to resolve the given conflict.


This conference was split into two groups, The General Assembly and the Security Council. The General Assembly was tailored towards beginner delegates and involved a situation in which 85% of the world’s women are unable to become pregnant. The higher level Security Council sought to resolve a Kurdish military rebellion in the Middle East.

The event was organized by Model UN captains and seniors Sonali Master, Kheyal Roy-Meighoo, and junior Julian Daniel.

This isn’t the first time Decatur’s Model UN has hosted an event.

Members in the Security Council debate over their given topic.

“In the past, we’ve done [the conference] for middle schoolers because we really wanted to bring more people into the program,” Master said. “For this one though, we just had the capabilities to have a successful conference so we thought, why

The conference represents the culmination of growth the program has experienced in the past four years.


“My first year, we went to two conferences total and this year we went to five, including this one so we’ve really expanded. We also have a lot of freshmen that were really excited about this year and so I am looking forward to seeing how it will develop in the future.” Daniel said.


Delegates who attended had varying levels of experience; some who have been a part of the program for years and others participating for the first time. Maisy Winn, while not part of the program, attended the conference as a favor.


“I’ve only ever done theatre here at DHS,” Winn said, “so the conference was really different in the sense that there are different goals and no performance.”

The General Assembly has a moment to go over their evidence and information before discussing the issue.

However, both activities “get your head in a different situation,” according to Winn.


Instead of playing a character in a story, you’re playing a country. You still have to think about your motives and goals, but you’re representing an entity rather than becoming someone else,” Winn said.


Despite her lack of experience, Winn caught onto the rules quickly and became a valued delegate.

At the end of the conference, six awards were given out to various participants. Sophomores Julian Fortuna and JP Lockwood received Honorable Mention delegate and Best Position Paper respectively, and freshman Aaron Lamb won Best Delegate.


Although this conference ran into scheduling problems, overall Master was happy with the outcome and has enjoyed being apart of the growth of this program, “It is very competitive but at the end of the day it’s about collaboration and coming to a solution together,” Master said.