Decatur Student Center “smashes body standards”

The Decatur Student Center recently hosted a “Smash the Standards” talk, where students were given the chance to speak out and discuss body image.

Sophomore Sophia Comrie attended the Decatur Student Centers “Smash the Standards talk” to listen to an eating disorder professional speak. Comrie spoke out about society’s impact on body image.

“Socially, we have an opinion based on looks and what people’s body type is. We judge people’s on their amount of fat and how they look,” Comrie said.

Sophomore Jordan Spencer also spoke at the meeting. One of Spencer’s close friends had an eating disorder in the past and wanted to share her experience.

“When we go to another school or new place we worry. It’s a different place with new people, many [people] are judging on looks first,” Spencer said.

Freshman Zariah Sotelo has dealt with binge eating disorder. Sotelo also believes social media affects body image. 

“Social media impacts how we should look based on what’s trending,”  Sotelo said.

Borland is another sophomore who attend the meeting and spoke passionately about body standards and images.

“No, you can’t tell if someone’s healthy by looking at them by weight. Unless they’re at an extreme,” Borland said. “Health isn’t always what on the outside but also on the inside. Some have fast metabolisms and others may not.”