SGA changes election process


In response to the recent Student Government administrator change, the Student Government Association or SGA is continuing to adjust their policies and organization. These adjustments include a brand new election process to improve the overall process.

“Things are really moving in the right direction and I think by next year SGA will be where it should be,” says sophomore Julian Daniel.

Daniel is currently working with the SGA as an outsider in order to put various reforms in place. He is focusing on moving SGA away from the yearly dance theme committee to an organization that has real power and can make a change while giving the students a voice. Daniel is moving at a slow but steady pace to put his policy and reforms in place and hopes to have them instigated by the end of the school year.

“I hope that my team and I play a crucial role in this reform movement and make change for the better of the students at our school,” Daniel said.

The new election process is one of the many changes coming to SGA this year.

“We want to know what students care about and what teachers care about regarding education at this school,” Daniel said.

The new election process restructures the way people run and get elected into SGA. Candidates will now be running for a non-specified slot in SGA instead of running for a particular position such as Class President or Treasurer. The newly elected SGA as a whole would then vote for who gets what position within the organization.

“I like the process and when you take away the positions during elections it allows for more transparency.” SGA senator Jared Witz said.

Witz is a sophomore who works in the administration committee in SGA. He is very hopeful about the new changes and feels he will be a good improvement for SGA.    

“All the changes going on are going well and we all agree on most of them as a whole which shows us that this process is working pretty well so far,” Witz said.

Another big change to the upcoming election process is the SGA candidate speech session which will be held on April 12th for Juniors and April 19th for Sophomores and Freshman. This will allow for SGA candidates to give a short speech about why they are qualified for the job and what they will try to do if elected.

“I like how now we are now much more open to student feedback and are able to talk to our class independently,” Witz said.

Shifting around positions is not only for organizational reasons but also to make the elections less of a popularity contest.

“Julian’s reforms definitely brought up a lot of good points particularly relating to the inherent popularity contest of the SGA elections which arguably is a factor but I’m not sure how we will be able to get around that in the future,” Witz said.  

Simplifying SGA candidacy and giving candidates the opportunity for candidates to speak the to student body makes students more inclined to vote for candidates for what they hope to achieve instead of voting for their friends. Despite this, some are still not convinced.

“I just kinda think that SGA is a joke and that it’s more of a contest to see who has the most friends that will vote for them and not necessarily to aid the school,” sophomore Will Vella said.

Vella is not running for election, but he stays up to date on all the things going on within SGA. Vella is the campaign manager for candidate Zach Slaton who lost to current sophomore class vice president Haley Rose the last election.

“I think that this new process will help a little bit in terms of switching up the positions of SGA members by voting for slots in the government instead of setting roles,” Vella said.

With the election coming up, current SGA members such as Witz are preparing for the potential transition of power and incorporation of the new system.

“The shifting around of the positions is going to be interesting so we will have to see how that plays out,” Witz said.

For now, SGA will continue to push forward and attempt to better themselves as a leadership body for the students of Decatur High School.

“The overall organization of SGA this year including this new election process has been a big change and will hopefully lead SGA in the right direction,” Witz said.

Decatur High students at an SGA election meeting.